Universidad Catolica de Salta

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TheCatholic University of Salta is an institution Argentina university highereducation, private regime, confessional Catholic, nonprofit, with autonomygranted by the law of the Argentine university system. It is situated in theWestern Christian cultural current, in whose values ​​the tradition ofArgentina nationality is rooted. His conception of God, man and the universereflects the Christian message, as taught by the Roman Catholic Church. It ischaracterized by sustaining democratic principles of equality and freedom,respect for ethics, justice, tolerance, rejecting all forms of discriminationand guaranteeing its members academic freedom, the rights of the person and thecommunity within demands of truth and the common good.

Other Name

UCASAL, Universidad Católica de Salta, Catholic University of Salta

school: Universidad Catolica de Salta

Koto, Tokyo Metropolis (東京都), Japan (日本)