Universidad Nacional de Rosario

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TheNational University of Rosario is a research public university located in thecity of Rosario, province of Santa Fe, Argentina. Rosario NationalUniversity (UNR) was created in 1968 by Law 17.987. Its foundational structureconsisted of numerous academic and administrative entities belonging to theRosario campus of the National University of the Littoral, established in 1918.The schools incorporated in the original university at the time included: theColleges of Medicine, Biochemistry Sciences, Engineering, Architecture,Economic Sciences, Humanities and Arts, Law, Psychology, Political Sciences,Odontology, Agricultural Sciences, Veterinarian Sciences. Other institutionsunder the original university's aegis included hospitals and secondary schools,the Rosario Music Institute, the Fine Arts Institute, and the Center of Foreignand Modern Languages.

Other Name

National University of Rosario, UNR

school: Universidad Nacional de Rosario

Rosario, pm-Santa Fe, Argentina